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Event Lighting & Video Displays
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LED Uplighting

A large majority of our weddings now feature uplightuing.  Our lights are LED based RGB and can mix to virtually any color.  You can choose as many colors as you want but we feel one or two color choices will make the room feel the most saturated and really make the room glow. We usually recommend 16 uplights to cover most rooms.  We highly recommend uplighting to and customers that wants to personalize their wedding or event and make your guests feel elegant!

Custom Monograms

These are custom one-off designed monograms in light known in the industry as a gobo.  These are an amazing way to add a personal touch of elegance to any wedding.  these also look great in all of the first dance photographs and you'll commonly see photographers and videographers get imaginative with these through out the night in the photos and videos!  We can project them on any flat surface like the dance floor, wall or ceiling. Please note the custom "gobo" has to be manufactured and there is a lead time of roughly two weeks to get it designed and ordered.  You will get to approve the design after you work with our graphic designer DJ Rica to find the design that's right for you.

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Video Displays

Video displays including LED monitors and projection screens are becoming a large part of our business.  With the advent of social media the video displays are a great way to help your guests feel included in your day!  We use companies that specialize in things like hashtags so pictures or video your guests take can be viewed real time during the reception.  A more simple application would just be to supply us with pictures or video to run a slide show of your choosing on the displays as well.  Some of our customers choose multiple displays with one showing a slide show and the other showing social media.

Private Parties

Spot Lights & Signage

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"LOVE" Letters

These letters are a new addition to the UE repertoire of extras.  The have internal RGB-LED lighting so we can make them virtually any color.  They look really great when combined with matching up-lighting!

Cake Spotlight

Large cakes, cupcake display or any other dessert type displays look fantastic when highlighted with spot lighting.  It makes a big difference in rooms that are being lit with accent lighting and up-lighting as opposed to natural light.  If you've taken the time to design this cake of your dreams this option is highly recommended!

Centerpiece Spotlight

Just like the cake spotlighting if you have a room that is being lit with accent lighting or up-lighting the centerpiece spot lights are a great touch.  They add great elegance to large ballrooms down to rustic winery type events. 

Corporate Events

Additional Sound Options 

Ceremony PA

Are large percentage of our weddings now include both either on site or off site wedding ceremonies.  We have wireless mics for officiants to wear and handheld mics for speeches or readings. We typically play pre-ceremony music while guests are arriving as well as any processional or recessional songs of your choosing.  


Larger venue weddings and events often require the use of subwoofers.  Our PA systems are capable of great volume in most venues but if you really want to fill the room and bring that extra bit of punch to the sound we strongly recommend subwoofers.  In-fact we quote all events at some specific venues with that built in to the cost as they may be required to maintain the sound quality our customers expect at our all of events. 

Fill Speakers

We offer small fill type speakers for a wide variety of applications.  The most common is cocktail hours that are located in different locations than the bulk of the reception.  We have multiple methods of getting music to these speakers and can also have a microphone hooked up to them for announcements and intros. Please ask for details to find out which set-up would be most appropriate for your event. 

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