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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?

Yes, absolutely.  We carry full liability insurance and have several local venues listed in our insurance rider at their request.  Some DJs don't carry insurance which greatly limits the amount of venues in the area they can work in as many wedding and event spaces now require all vendors to have them. 


What types of music do you play?

We specialize in contemporary styled events and bring high energy to your wedding or function.  We mix your typical wedding specialty music that appeals to all ages in with Top 40, Funk, Disco, Country and Old School Hip-Hop.  We will of course play the same oldies and standards as well but the thing we do best is keep the energy level high!


How much do you charge?

 If you're planning a wedding or any other type of event, you should be excited about the DJ you choose. If you don't like the DJ you hired, you don't get another chance. You should hire someone you can trust to organize and help you plan the perfect event. To cut corners with such an important element is something some people will do and unfortunately may regret.


Most people probably will not remember what they had for dinner or what color the flowers were...they will remember the party! The DJ and Master of Ceremonies is the most visible, vocal person you will hire and is the element that will shape and create the atmosphere for your event.


Some potential clients will ask us, “Why are other DJ companies charging hundreds of dollars less?” The fact is, the market is flooded with all-in-one companies who are combining other services like photography and the music at a discounted rate. This is largely because the DJ’s who are sometimes included in these packages are really not DJ’s at all. They are people with a music collection. A music collection does not make a good DJ, talent and experience does! It may sound like a good deal when your shopping around for a DJ and they will offer all of these additional services for a very low price but make sure you know what your getting...cheaper does not mean better!


We do not advertise or solicit our services yet, we collectively DJ over 50 weddings and other events per year. This is our lively hood and our reputation. We are a straightforward company who provides an unmatched, polished service because we are passionate about what we do and it shows at every event. We are outgoing, organized, prepared and reliable.


Will you travel for our Wedding?

Yes, we will travel anywhere our client wishes.  Any booking inside Monroe County, NY is standard pricing.  We will travel outside Monroe County but travel charges, mileage and fuel costs will be added in.  If the function is more than an hours drive we may require a hotel room for the night as well.

Do you take requests?

Absolutely, Yes.  With that being said, one of the reasons you are hiring a professional DJ is for our judgement.  If we have a packed dance floor that's full of energy, we will probably not play an off beat song that was requested that may be difficult to dance to.

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